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German Design, Technology and Innovation in Acoustic Ceilings.

The OWA Ceiling Product Line

Das Acoustics.

German Quality, Technology and Innovation are famous in the automobile industry around the world.  Brand names such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche, BMW and Audi evoke a feeling of luxury, durability and status.  Now that same confidence in German manufacturing proficiency is available in Acoustic Ceilings with OWA!

OWAcoustic Ceiling Tiles

Industry leading acoustic ratings and impeccable finishes are available in our full line of Acoustic Ceiling Tiles.  Here are a few of our unique offerings:

  • Teccor Edge tiles are downward accessible and grid hiding.
  • Fleece laminated mineral fibre tiles with up to  1.00 NRC.
  • First non-fleece laminated mineral fibre tile with a 0.90 NRC.
  • Wood-look tiles with no perforations and 0.70 NRC.

OWAconstruct Suspension Grid

High quality suspension grid with ASTM C-635 rating.  Available in White, Black, and Custom colors.

  • 15/16" OWAcliq Grid 1516
  • 9/16" OWAcliq 916
  • 9/16" OWAline Bolt Slot 916
  • OWA Drywall Grid

OWAtecta Metal Ceilings

We offer a full line of Steel and Aluminum perforated metal ceilings, including;

  • OWAline
  • Tube Ceiling
  • Cell Ceiling
  • Baffle Ceiling
  • Clip-In
  • Lay-In
  • Progress
  • Wedge Ceiling
  • Double Hook-on
  • Mesh Ceiling

OWAconsult Collection

Amazing and Innovative specialty ceiling products such as Clouds, Creaprint custom printed, Trapeze, Curve, OWAlight LED grid lights, and much more are available.

OWA's new seamless acoustic ceiling called OWAplan gives you the appearance of a drywall ceiling with a 0.70 or 0.90 NRC.

RAW has that organic industrial look that is very popular in open office environments.


OWA Ceilings are made with strict attention to LEED standards of Waste Management, Recycled Content, Low VOC Emissions etc., and qualify for various LEED credits.

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OWAconstruct Grid and Accessories (pdf)


OWA Canadian Catalogue 2019 (pdf)


OWAconsult Collection Specialty Products (pdf)



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Since 2014 Lineage Ceiling Systems have been the exclusive Canadian distributor of OWA quality ceiling products from Germany.  OWA is the leading ceiling manufacturer in Germany, and distributes their products world wide.

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